Methodological Orientation Study Spanish

Our teaching method is totally focused on the student and his/her learning process.

Before arriving every student must complete a Level Test which will help us to evaluate his/her level of Spanish. This test will determine the group where the student will start. There is, of course, the possibility of changing to another group when the professor and the head of studies consider this convenient.

We offer six levels of learning: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Learning in the classroom

Our classes are taught totally in Spanish without the assistance of any other language, using the direct and situation communicative method.

Vocabulary and grammar are studied within a context which helps to define them, with special attention placed on the student’s participation both orally and in writing.

There will be exercises on the various grammatical structures, regular and irregular verbs, dictations, reading with attention placed on phonetics and pronunciation, and free or directed conversation, always controlled and corrected by the professor. All these points will follow the guidelines of the European Common Framework of Reference for languages and the Curricular Plan of the “Cervantes Institute”.

To complete this methodology we count on a group of native Spanish speaking professors who are highly qualified and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish to foreign students.

The professor’s basic role is to create the adequate conditions for effective learning. Our professors will make sure that classes combine entertainment and an effective learning of Spanish.

Our professors create a pleasant climate in the classroom to stimulate the student’s participation without fear of making mistakes. It is most important for the professor to make the student speak, practice and participate so that, little by little he/she will become more fluent and have a better command of the language. In order to facilitate the student’s participation in class, our groups are small, with a maximum of 10 students per group.

Professors play a variety of roles: They analyze the students’ needs, create communication situations, organize activities, advise, participate together with the students, observe the development of activities in class, create materials, etc.

The work of the professors is directed and coordinated by the Head of Studies who, in parallel, will help them with anything necessary for the correct development of the class.

Learning outside the classroom

Our manner of teaching is based on constant practice in real life communication situations in order to consolidate the learning process. For this purpose we offer students our immersion process with learning outside the classroom.

Living with Spanish families will allow for constant practice of Spanish and total interaction with the culture.

We also organize individual encounters with Spanish students where students can put into practice, in a fun and dynamic way, what they have learned in class.

At school we will inform the students of all the possibilities the city has to offer and we will recommend those we consider most adequate to continue the learning process outside the classroom.

We will also give advice on books, television programs, music, films…. for students in their leisure time.

With this integral learning concept progress will be faster. Our objective is for students to be able to communicate with fluency and precision in the shortest possible time.