Valencia The city

The best place to learn Spanish is unquestionably the country of origin. To be in Spain is to have access to its rich history and culture, to be studied and enjoyed in depth through its monuments and landscapes.

Valencia is an ideal location to spend the time learning Spanish. With almost one million inhabitants, Valencia is neither too big nor too small. It is the third largest city in Spain, large enough to offer a rich variety of culture and entertainment, such as theaters, expositions, conferences, concerts, sport activities, etc, and small enough for the visitor to know and enjoy.

Among the many festivities that Valencia has we will be remiss to not mention the Fallas - March 16th to March 19th with its giant satirical paper mache sculptures, mascletas, parades, fireworks, as well as the July Fair - July 18th to July 31st, with its matchless flower battle, concerts and bullfights.

Valencia is located on the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy its magnificent beaches. The Mediterranean climate of Valencia means mild, sunny winters and warm summers. It can not be better!

Conveniently connected to all major cities in Spain, Valencia is located 350 km. (220 mi.) from Madrid, 350 Km. (220 mi.) from Barcelona, 800 (500 mi.) Km. from Sevilla and 205 Km.